The Buddhist Mauryan emperor Ashoka is credited with having founded the old capital of Kashmir, Shrinagari of which now ruins on the outskirts of modern Srinagar. Kashmir was known be a stronghold of Buddhism. Kashmiri cuisine is very well known all over India and includes dum aloo , tzaman, rogan josh, yakhiyn, hakh, rista-gushtaba,danival korme and of course the signature rice which is particular to almost all the Asian cultures. The traditional wazwan
feast involves cooking meat or vegetables, usually mutton, in several different ways. Historically, Kashmir became famous when Cashmere wool was exported to other regions and nations. Kashmiris are very skilled at knitting and making Pashmina shawls, silk carpets, rugs, kurtas, and pottery. Saffron, too, is grown and exported from Kashmir.


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