Manali Bhrigu Lake


Bhrigu Lake is a small lake situated at the height of 4240 Meters. On its bank Rishi Bhrigu practiced penance. So this place has religious importance too. The path to the lake starts from Vashishtha village near  the hot water sprigs. The distance from here is 6 km. and all the way there is steep climb . Almost on the half way, there is a small cave, a meadow and a brook. The travelers generally take rest here. Last three km. climbs a bit difficult. On the way, There is a forest also. From here one can go to Kothi village too.

Bhrigu Lake is 13 km from Manali and about 6 km from Gulaba. This beautiful lake is away from human settlements but surrounded in serenity and nestled within the mighty Himalayas. Considered both sacred and a sightseeing delight, it is said that Rishi Bhrigu wrote the Bhrigu Samhita here and also used to meditate near the lake.

Nehru Kund, a natural spring originates from this pristine lake, while trekking routes go through this area.


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